Academy Learning Management System

Academy is a market script for online learning. Here college students and instructors are blended collectively for sharing understanding via a dependent direction-primarily based totally system.

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Academy Teachers or teachers can create a vast range of publications, add films and files in step with their know-how, and college students can sign up in those publications and make themselves professional each time and from anywhere.

Academy Script Features:

  • Intuitive direction builder
  • Extremely smooth direction constructing interface with a superior lesson & segment manager.
  • Quiz test
  • One-click on quiz writer with limitless questions and more than one feasible answer.
  • Multiple lesson document types
  • Lessons may be increased from youtube, Vimeo, html5 video, text, pdf, document photo files.
  • Public teacher
  • Publicly teachers can signup and promote publications. Their promoting sales fee may be paid with the aid of using admin.
  • Messaging direction college students
  • Instructors and college students can talk and remedy any difficulty with the aid of using interactive messaging.
  • Payment file
  • Detailed charge file for direction promoting sales and teacher fee charge.
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Download Academy Script free:

Version: 5.4

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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