Astra Pro Addon – Extend Astra Theme With the Plugin

Astra Pro Activation Code Without the high cost, you get access to the latest talents for simple WordPress design. It’s a product that will pay for itself in the time you save!

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Astra Pro Plugin
Astra Pro Addon Plugin

Astra Pro Add-on Features:

  • Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript which prevents jQuery render-blocking from affecting performance. The
  • Astra is built for speed and has been properly tested. Hundreds in less than 0.5 seconds as it’s the easiest theme.
  • Astra uses less than 50 KB of assets compared to the large number of assets required for similar WordPress themes.
  • Astra optimizes any code using standard WordPress statistics and adheres to the best coding standards.
  • layouts are used to control the formatting of boxes on web pages, including headlines, blogs, single pages, articles, and more.
  • Use the obvious header attached to an obvious header inheritance and open the webpage, merging each of them.
  • Allows you to customize and change header breakpoints, set a unique logo, menu styles, colors, and more. for a cellular device.
  • Work with your favorite website builder to create stunning templates or place a shortcode to include a format in a mega menu on your website.
  • Astra allows you to create precise sidebars on your website that can override the default settings and customizations of the sidebar on your website.
  • Astra has numerous built-in header and footer alternatives that can be expanded with the Astra Pro plug-in.
  • This is a header that sticks to the top of the webpage even as the consumer scrolls. In short, you can access the menu from anywhere on the webpage.
  • You can upload custom webpage headers and set show rules to display on precise pages and posts on your website.
  • You can choose colors and fonts that go well with your brand and easily control the colors and typography of your entire website.
  • Astra is absolutely WooCommerce ready and allows you to create and design your storage via the customizer. You can save quickly and attractively today!
  • Astra helps you display your main content material in a boxed format to distinguish it from the alternative content material that is visible on the website.
  • You can add fine borders to the edges of the content material to give it a quilted appearance. Astra’s padded format will help you try this out with ease.
  • Astra’s Spacing plug-in allows you to control margins and spacing around all factors and override the default area settings.
  • Astra comes in a standard full-width format that helps you take advantage of the full width of the most important content material on your website.
  • Astra Pro gives you the option to choose the fluid format that allows you to stretch the entire website to the bottom of the screen.
  • Astra gives you a standard field, known as field number one, with your personal exact format and settings in the customizer itself.
  • Astra helps you choose from over 700 Google fonts to ensure you get great typography on your website.
Scriptatly Wordpress
Scriptatly WordPress

Download Astra pro elementor Plugin

Version: 3.6.7

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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