B2BKing – The Ultimate WooCommerce and Wholesale Plugin

B2BKing is the finished reaction for strolling a Wholesale, crossbreed, or Private Membership shop with WooCommerce.

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B2BKing WooCommerce & Wholesale Plugin

What is the B2BKing Plugin?

B2BKing regulates everything, as demonstrated through the method of for key B2B viewpoints, for instance, covering expenses for voyager clients to convoluted components, layered concerning structures, charge limitations, VAT making due, and uncommon at the record clients.

From a delayed undertaking inclination and separate decision plans to custom charging fields, a receipt stage entryway, and a planned certainly worth course of action, B2BKing does everything.

B2BKing is smooth to utilize, however gigantically astonishing module, with basically the greatest ludicrous once-over of limits of any b2b module.

B2BKing WooCommerce Plugin Features:

  1. Cover Prices for Guests
  2. Markdown Order Form
  3. Registration and Approval of Businesses – Separate B2B/B2C Registration
  4. Markdown Prices and Tiered Pricing – Different Prices for Different Users
  5. Thing Visibility Control
  6. Least Order Quantity and Value
  7. Charge Exemptions – VAT Nr. Guaranteeing – EU VAT and VIES
  8. Quote Requests and Convert Quotes to Offers.
  9. Direct Custom Quote Fields with nine Field Types.
  10. Fast Orders the use of CSV Upload.
  11. Rules for Dynamic Pricing, Discounts, and Orders
  12. Transportation and Payment Methods Control

what is more noteworthy uncommon staggering, top-notch components, anticipated to conclude the difficulties of arrangement shops:

  • Hide Shop – Disguise Entire Website
  • Thing Bundles and Personalized/Negotiated Offers
  • Purchase Lists – Buyers can Re-ask for and Replenish Stock
  • Conversations and Messaging
  • Changed Tiered Pricing Table
  • Least Order Value to Use a Payment Method
  • Show Different Content to Different Users Using a Shortcode
  • Coupon Use Restrictions for B2B or B2C
  • Thing Information Table for nuances like Minimum Order Quantity
  • Customs and Excise Taxes, as well as Withholding Taxes, are levied.
  • Different Buyers on One Account
  • Show expenses comprising of or other than for charge contrastingly for B2C and B2B clients (as an illustration upheld in B2B clients can see expenses inc. Tank, excellent clients see expenses excl. Tank)
  • Receipt Payment Gateway
  • Purchase Order Gateway.
  • Portion Method Discounts. Portion Method Min and Max Order.
  • Buy X Get 1 Free Discounts.
  • (New!) Download Purchase Lists as CSV.
  • Distinctive cutoff focuses: Different transportation expenses for assorted parties, different coins related developments, Withholding charges (ritenuto Dacono, etc.
  • Send Quotes/Offers through the method of a method for Email – Also Works for Guest Users.
  • Offer PDFs with Company Logo – Create Offers and Respond to Quotes.
  • Change Group dependent on Total Purchase Value (Rank System).

We expect B2BKing to be the most extreme additional exceptional cut-value net venture blueprint open today, with essentially triple the wide assortment of components as its adversaries + gentle and simple to-utilize UI.

The same module applications a decreased demand for structure, buy records, offers, dynamic standards, edifying system, markdown, and 130+ more noteworthy components in a top-notch and merged way.

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Download b2bking plugin

Version: 4.0.6

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.



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