School Management – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

School Management is a WordPress plugin to manage exceptional universities and their substances like preparing, fragments, understudies, tests, ID playing a card game, yield playing a card game, instructors, a collection of laborers, expenses, sales, pay, cost, noticeboard, supply interest to substances, and essentially more.

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School Management
School Management – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

By and through eLearning the board: You can stream into the theme-cunning Video Classes ( Recorded Video Classes ) and Documents PNG, JPG, PDF Files, or YouTube motion pictures also.

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By and avenue of the method of eLearning the board: You can sidestep the theme-reasonable Video Classes (Recorded Video Classes ) and Documents PNG, JPG, PDF Files, or YouTube Video too.

Segment passage: Paypal, Stripe, Pesapal, Paystack, Razorpay, PayTM, SSL Commerz, Bank Transfer.

School Management Features:

  • Multi-School Management:- Add selective universities, consign chiefs, and preparing to each staff to address the particular workforce.
  • Meeting Management:- Create every other gathering and protect every single one of the current realities of past gatherings.
  • Direct Classes and Sections:- Administrators could make preparing and give out them to universities. With each radiance, there might be elite brilliance regions.
  • Understudy Management:- School chiefs and collection of laborers with essential agrees can new admissions to the personnel through consigning their attestation wide assortment, heavenliness, section, and roll wide assortment. Additionally, for each understudy record in a social event, each other choice wide arrangement is made regularly.
  • Demands Management:- Display demand shape for personnel on a website page utilizing shortcode. Similarly, get demands workforce shrewd, transfer the ensuing substitute and notes for the solicitation.
  • Understudy Promotion:- Promote understudies to every brilliance for every other gathering. This makes every enrollment of an understudy for the resulting get-together.
  • Understudy Transfer:- Transfer understudies starting with one person then onto the following. This besides the video show units understudies moved to and moved from the staff.
  • Understudy Attendance:- Take the day-through-day support of understudies. Print the support sheet of eminence. Also, understudies can see their advantage gives information concerning the dashboard.
  • Understudy Dashboard:- Students view their costs report, attestation nuances, ID card, etc, and pay shutting expenses utilizing a reasonable portion procedure.
  • Occupations and Permissions:- Create custom positions like a teacher, accountant, and give out fundamental agreements following the assignment so they might be bound to the administration of staff materials given out to them.
  • Distribute School Admins and Staff:- Multi-School chiefs consign an MD to personnel. The personnel chief could make the pretty individual laborers with responsibilities to address the staff.
  • Noticeboard Widget:- It has a noticeboard framework that offers warnings to the framework of a piece of your site. Here, you might expel the wide assortment of warnings, framework stature, and width to pursue the arrangement of your site.
  • Suitable Study Materials:- School collection of laborers with fundamental approval can transfer focus on substances for preparation. These outline substances will appear on the understudy dashboard place, permitting them to download and see the outline substances.
  • Understudies Home Works:- School assortment of laborers and instructors with the crucial approval can transfer Home Works of preparing. These Home Works will appear at the understudy dashboard spot and understudies get the alert on SMS, Home Works SMS nuances might be despatched on Parents and understudies’ Mobile
  • Customized Notifications through Email, SMS, and Custom Templates:- Send SMS and email alerts to understudies on the hour of ongoing confirmations, value receipt age, portion receipts age, etc SMS suppliers contain Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91 SMS, TextLocal, and that is just the start.
  • exams Management: Create investigate, transfer investigate papers, investigate center, timings, date, and room wide assortment for a singular heavenliness or serious preparing.
  • Convey Exam Time Table:- Option to disperse investigate plan to appear to be on understudy dashboard or you might utilize the shortcode to uncover take a glance at time work area on a specific site page of your site.
  • Produce Admit Cards:- For each investigation, make surrender playing a game of cards for understudies. Moreover, disperse the surrender by playing a card game which understudies can download from the understudy dashboard portion.
  • Accounting Management:- This contains charge receipt age, expense portion assortment, pay the leaders, and value the board.
  • Make Free Invoices:- Select understudies from preparing and acquiring costs requesting mass or for a single understudy. This in addition maintains halfway portion assortment or when portion assortment.
  • Charges Collection Form:- Display costs assortment shape on a page utilizing a shortcode that allows understudies to leaf through their names and considers drawing close to the value requested. Understudies will pay their expenses by utilizing a portion strategy.
  • Portions the utilization of Stripe, Razorpay, Pesapal:- Fee portion should be possible through utilizing Stripe or Razorpay, Pesapal portion entrance.
  • Print Fees Invoice and Payment Receipt:- After including a value receipt, it maintains the printing of the charge requested. Similarly, after making a portion, understudies or groups of laborers can print the portion receipt.
  • Direct Expense and Income: Add value orders and payments to prepare. Add cost and pay date-cunning for a staff.
  • Understudy Dashboard: In the understudy dashboard, understudies can see the noticeboard, print their ID by playing a card game, view drawing close to expense sales, make portions and think about their portion history. Moreover, they can download concentrate on substances, investigate plans, surrender playing a game of cards, and altogether more.
  • Understudy Login Widget and Shortcode: The understudy login shape might be demonstrated on the website page with the utilization of shortcode and you might put a sign-in framework on your webpage.
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school management plugin for wordpress free download

Version: 9.9.3

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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