TranslatePress PRO best WordPress Multilingual Plugin

TranslatePress Pro has set a better way of translating your WordPress site right from the UI with full support for WooCommerce, complex themes, and site builders.

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Translatepress Plugin
TranslatePress Pro WordPress Plugin

Translatepress Pro WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Translate the entire page: Translate what you see. The interface allows you to translate the entire page at once, including the output of the shortcode, the form, and the page builder.
  • _e(“Hello $%s”): Full support for dynamic strings added by WordPress plugins, and themes.
  • Automatic Translation: Integrated with Google Translate and DeepL, you can have your content automatically translated quickly and only optimize what is not perfect.
  • 221 Languages: Add multiple languages ​​with our WordPress translation plugin to make your project global.
  • Editorial Control: Do not publish your language until all of your translations are ready.
  • Image translation: Translate Images directly from the translation interface to display different images for each language on your website.
  • SEO Friendly: SEO Support for Page Slug, Page Title, Description, Twitter, and Facebook Social Chart Information. The HTML attribute lang is set correctly. Menu items.
  • Customizable Language Switcher: Extended language switcher includes a floater menu, shortcode, and individual menu items.
  • For every project: Works out of the box with WooCommerce, custom post types, complex themes, and site builders.
  • Translator Accounts: Create a translator account that can translate a website without having to work with the WordPress backend, site builders, or meta boxes.
  • Browse As: Explore your website the way your users see it. Translate pages that display different content for different users, e.g. B. a custom login page.
  • Translation Blocks: This allows you to translate larger blocks of HTML code with a single translation by combining multiple string translations into one translation block.
  • Automatic User Language Detection: Redirect visitors to their preferred language based on browser language or IP address.
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Scriptatly WordPress

translatepress plugin free download

Version: 2.2.5

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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