WordPress Automatic Plugin

The WordPress Automatic Plugin shares posts from various sources on WordPress. Share Auto Upload May Automatically Post Quality Targeted Articles, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Walmart products, Youtube Videos, Vimeo Videos, DailyMotion Videos, Post Feeds, eBay Auctions, Flickr Images, Instagram Images, Pinterest Pins, Reddit, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist ads, Itunes apps/songs/eBooks/movies/podcasts, Envato items, and SoundCloud songs.

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Download Wordpress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin Features:

  • Retrieve the complete content of the synthesis feeds.
  • Extract specific parts of messages from the original thread.
  • Find and replace.
  • The message at the original time.
  • Extract categories.
  • Extract original tags.
  • Extract the original author.
  • Ignore messages without content.
  • Ignore non-English posts.
  • Ignore posts without images.
  • Post older first items.
  • Entity HTML decoding.
  • Convert encoding before posting.
  • Automatically publish content from feeds.
  • Skip duplicate title.
  • Featured image from Facebook
Scriptatly Wordpress
Scriptatly wordpress

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin:

Version: 3.55.6

Please let us know if there is a newer version of this so that we can update the attached file.

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